Free Will Service in Australia

If someone can’t afford to pay for a will to be done by a solicitor, nor is able to do a proper one themselves, then they can often use the FREE service of Australian Public Trustees…

Each Australian state has something similar to this one in Queensland:

Benefits of making your Will for free with The Public Trustee of Queensland:

we’re the largest Will making service in Queensland
we’re experienced and have been serving Queensland since 1916
we provide free and safe document storage
we have regional offices conveniently located across Queensland
we have a network of QGAP agents, Centrelink Offices and Courthouses that can assist you on our behalf.

How do I make a Will with The Public Trustee?

Our Will making service is 100% free and it’s as easy as making an appointment at one of our 16 offices.

Other State Public Trustees: (Check these for current fees where applicable)

ACT: Small Charge


NT: Medium Charge



Tas: Small Charge

Vic: Not Available

WA: Large Charge


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