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Testing for the COVID-19 coronavirus is not being done at the same levels in all countries.

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Some countries do more tests than others and consequently have higher numbers of ‘reported’ infections.
This does NOT mean that those countries with lower numbers of infections actually have fewer. It just means they may not know how many they actually have.

The following numbers show the number of tests done in each of the selected countries, per million people in the country.

COVID-19 Tests per Million People

  • 4,910 Bahrain
  • 4,099 South Korea
  • 2,134 Hong Kong
  • 1,005 Italy
  • 578 Switzerland
  • 558 Austria
  • 387 UK
  • 344 Belgium
  • 325 Australia
  • 276 Israel
  • 182 France
  • 130 Finland
  • 97 Malaysia
  • 76 Japan
  • 35 Netherlands
  • 26 USA
  • 24 Vietnam
  • 11 Turkey

It can be seen that South Korea, Bahrain and Italy, who have the highest reported number of reported infections, also test more people than most countries.

  • Italy 349.9 cases per million, with 1,005 tests per million.
  • South Korea 159.2 cases per million, with 4,099 tests per million.
  • Bahrain 124.6 cases per million, with 4,910 tests per million.

The USA, Vietnam and Turkey, with low reported numbers of infections, also have much fewer people being tested.

  • USA 9.2 cases per million, with 26 tests per million.
  • Vietnam 0.5 cases per million, with tests 24 per million.
  • Turkey 0.1 cases per million, with tests 11 per million.


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