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A spam posting from www.SkiMoar .com..

In my email today, I saw this: A new comment on the post “Mobile Phone Voicemail – Turn Off and On” is waiting for your approval

This was the comment that I received, with spam links removed:

ski chalets
If staying in a self catering ski chalet is one of you switzerland chalets r top priorities for creating the ideal ski holiday,switzerland chalets, then look no further. At www.skimoar.com www.skimoar.com we specialise in offering an extensive range of ski chalets throughout Europe.

However, it was tagged as SPAM by my system, and a little bit of checking led me to this website page:

The comment to my site came from an Ipaddresspool in Xi’an Xiancity China: http://whois.domaintools.com/

I truly believe that this is probably a scam.

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