WordPress: Selecting Comments from a Specific Category in Decent Comments plugin.

How to Select Comments from just one Category in the ‘Decent Comments’ plugin..

The Decent Comments plugin shows the following information to be able to select comments from specific Categories or Tags:

Used to show comments on posts related to certain taxonomies. Use category for categories or post_tag for tags.
Default : empty

I tried using
[decent_comments category=”my-category-name” etc for remainder of shortcode
[decent_comments taxonomy=”my-category-name” etc for remainder of shortcode

But both options included comments from ALL categories.

It took a bit of time before I eventually found the correct wording:

[decent_comments taxonomy=”category” terms=”visas-and-immigration” etc for remainder of shortcode

This worked well.

Other terms that I found useful:

[decent_comments taxonomy=”post_tag” terms=”my-tag-name” etc for remainder of shortcode.  This included only the comments from one specific tag.

[decent_comments taxonomy=”post_tag” terms=”my-tag-name,my-second-tag-name” etc for remainder of shortcode.  This included only the comments from more than one specific tag.

exclude_post_author=”true” – This excluded any comments made by myself, the author of the page where I placed the shortcode.


WordPress Decent Comments plugin: https://wordpress.org/plugins/decent-comments/

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