WordPress: Reply to comment not working


WordPress: Reply option to existing comments not visible.

This issue happened to me the other day, and all that I could find online was very old.

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However, I did read something about nested comments, so I checked mine.

It had changed, apparently all on its own, as I know I didn’t change it. It was always set as 5, and active.

But, I had recently been testing a comments plugin, and I have a feeling that must have done something during the installation, or removal.

I doubt if it happens all the time, as two others sites that I also tested the same plugin on, did not have that issue.

My fix:

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Correct the “Enable Threaded Comments” section in Discussion Settings

Under “/wp-admin/options-discussion.php”

  • Enable threaded (nested) comments 5 levels deep

As image below

Reply to comment not working


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