Why does Italy have the most cases of COVID-19?

The Question is “Why does Italy have the most cases of COVID-19?”

They did have at one stage, so it was a valid question at that time.

Some old reports state that there are about 100,000 Chinese workers in the north of Italy, where most of the COVID cases occurred.

Northern Italy has previously created direct flights from Wuhan and allowed over 100,000 citizens from China to move to Italy and work in their factories.

More recent reports state that more than 300,000 Chinese nationals live in Italy, and over 90% of them work in Italy’s garment industry. There are approximately 4,000 Chinese-run clothing factories in Prato, Tuscany.

The mayor of Florence, Tuscany, in February launched “hug a Chinese” campaign. This campaign launched weeks before the first positive coronavirus case emerged in Italy encouraged Italians to take pictures of hugging Chinese people and post them on Twitter.

Other countries have now used “social distancing” to avoid contact and the spread of this virus.

Italy also has the second oldest population in the world, and it is the old that are dying from this virus.

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