What to show when Catlist has No Content

Text to display when No Posts are found when using WP Plugin “List Category Posts”..

When you set up the WordPress Plugin “List Category Posts” to show your posts from a specific category, or a selection of those by using tags, there might be occasions where no posts will be selected.

Rather than just a blank space, you have the option to show some specific text of your choice, by adding extra parameter into the {catlist} command.

If you want to show the words: No Listing in this Location

Just add no_posts_text=”No Listing in this Location” to the end of your {catlist….  command.


orderby=title order=asc numberposts=5 no_posts_text=”No Listing in this Location”]

The result should be like this:

Example of Catlist command with no results

    No Listing in this Location

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