Tumblr: Annual Profit, Turnover and Company Value

20th May 2013

  • Yahoo is rumoured to have bid $1.1bn to buy Tumblr.

Tumblr was founded in 2007 by David Karp, a 20 year old high-school dropout, living in New York, who started the site to simplify the blogging process.

The site reached 75,000 users within 2 weeks, and now has about 110 million blogs.

The web measurement company Quantcast says Tumblr had 217million global users in the past month, and was the US’s 24th most popular site, with about 75m American users. This gives Tumblr a user base on a par with Yahoo’s own. www.guardian.co.uk

In 2008 David Karp sold 25% of Tumblr for $750,000.

Company Income
2012: $13m of advertising income

36.1 - 841,116
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