Topfield TF7100 HD PVRt Plus

The Topfield TF7100 HD PVRt Plus is a Personal Video Recorder using a hard drive for storage.

There are two different TF7100HD models

  • TF7100HDPVRt (20091202)
  • TF7100HDPVRT PLUS Firmware (32030)

This TF7100HDPVRT PLUS model is a Digital Set Top box with an Internal Hard Drive capable of recording many hours of broadcasting from your Television reception.

The available drive size is either 320 or 500 Gb.  A standard 1 hour recording takes up about 2.8Gb on most TV programs, although some recordings that I have done take up larger space.  Some examples are as follows:

  • I recorded an entire TV series with each recording for 1 hr 18 mins, and each episode took up 3.2Gb
  • X-Men 2 at 2 hrs 55 minutes took up 10.6 Gb
  • Karate Kid at 2 hrs 45 minutes took up 5.1 Gb

My recordings are all padded with extra time at the beginning and the end, (included in those times) to cater for TV station time overruns.

As well as the internal drive, this model also allows an external drive to be attached via the USB or eSATA socket.

However, this model specifies “External Hard Disk Drive Support – up to 1,000Gb (1Tb)“.
I should have checked this before buying my new 2 Tb drive today. I was wondering why I could not get it working with this PVR. Fortunately I can use that drive with my computer, and switch an older 1TB external drive to the Topfield.

The things I like about the Topfield TF7100 HD PVRt Plus include:

  • Ability to record up to 4 programs at the same time.  (All four must be from just two channel groups though, eg: 7, 7Mate, 9 and Go)
  • Wireless network connection to a computer, with an optional extra Dongle.
  • 320 Gb Internal Hard Drive can store about 100 hours of programs

Firmware Details:

System ID : 32030
Loader Version : v1.02
Device Version : V1.0.1
Application Version: TF-BCPF 1.04.01
Last Update : May 10 2010


722.1 - 819,206
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