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I started a new forum back in July this year (2010), purely to try out a new forum type software, without really intending to use it much.

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One of my main tests was importing members from another hosted forum, and everything seemed to work well.

In July I added just a few posts of information, and then from October I began to add a few more information posts.

I recently checked on how many visitors I have had to this “dormant” forum, and was quite surprised.

Page Views

    Page Views Month
    19,780 November 2010
    16,257 October 2010
    13,736 September 2010
    5,812 August 2010
    1,094 July 2010

Numbers of Guests on line

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Even more surprising was the numbers of users on line at any time:

  • Most Online: 80 on Fri, 12 Nov, 2010, 06:55:51 PM
  • Currently Online: 40 on Thu, 25 Nov, 2010, 07:15:30 PM

The most popular posts, by amount at viewed are:

  1. 125 – Australian unemployment rate remained at 5.1 per cent in September 2010
  2. 88 – Hello from ABCDiamond
  3. 70 – UK Public Spending Cuts October 2010
  4. 63 – Median House Prices in United States of America
  5. 59 – Morgan Poll on Asylum Seekers
  6. 50 – Credit Card Reward Schemes in Australia
  7. 50 – Average Wages in United Kingdom
  8. 48 – Average Wages in Australia
  9. 48 – Median Average Wages in the USA
  10. 43 – Residency in the UK

32.1 - 588,236

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