Sudoku: Right or Wrong

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I like doing Sudoku puzzles, but I don’t like getting them wrong.

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But what is worse is:

Finishing the Sudoku puzzle…

Thinking it is right…

But being told it is wrong !!

Then spending ages looking for the error,

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but never finding it!!


I created a spreadsheet to import MY finished solution, so it can be checked EXACTLY…

That way I will find the error, that I am just not seeing!


The spreadsheet agrees with me.

My solution is NOT wrong…

I then allowed the Puzzle to TELL me where my errors were…

Always be wary about trusting a Computer….. after all, a computer is only as good as its programmer.


This was MY Solution:



This was their suggestion to begin correcting my errors:



This was their CORRECT version.  But I am sure mine was right too….  or was it ?  Did I miss something ?


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