Property for Sale in the Philippines

To be clear, I am NOT selling property in the Philippines.  This page is just to highlight some properties I saw today, and are worthy of …  Amusement, Incredulation, or some other similar words or non words 😉

I have highlighted the interesting points in these two adverts..

Interesting Property in Philippines

The first property…

A beautiful white beach, 2,227 sm for only P25,000 (11 peso per square metres) [25,000 pesos is about $625 US or Australian or about GBP £380]
BUT…. This BEACH is furnished……

The second property…

Two houses, with total floor area of 1,000 sm !! The average NEW house in that area has about 40 sm and costs near to 4 million. But this advert is two houses with a total of 1 bedroom and 1 bathroom !!  I am still trying to work that out… 😉

This advertiser placed 14 properties for sale today, and their profile on the advertising site states:

Hello, my name is xxxxxxxxxxxx and I am based in Palawan. I am not a Real Estate Agent/Broker/Realtor .

I have highlighted one word in red, and wonder just what her occupation is ?

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