Selfies Banned

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Have Selfies really been banned ?..

Many people have been saying that Selfies are now illegal or banned… is it really true ?

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Various Headlines from around the world:

  • Aug 12, 2014 – Gov. Andrew Cuomo has signed into a law banning people from taking selfies…
  • May 2, 2014 – Toss your cap. Turn your tassel. Just don’t snap that selfie…
  • Aug 30, 2014 – In an effort to cut down on selfie-mania — the phenomenon already …
  • Aug 18, 2014 – not everyone is happy about it. Why the National Park Service is banning them. … ‘The Ultimate Selfie’ Banned…
  • Aug 17, 2014 – Selfies banned on French beach as social media is flooded with ‘holiday…
  • May 20, 2014 – Europe Dabbles in Election Tech, But Selfies Are Expressly Banned …
  • Apr 7, 2014 – Is President Barack Obama Proposing a Ban on Selfies …

But… headlines are NOT always the full story… 😉

You need to read the FULL stories, not just headlines….

Anyway…. How can they really ban them ?

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