Russian Special Military Operation in Ukraine.

What is Russia’s “Special Military Operation”?

The Russian Special Military Operation in Ukraine, started when they incited the Russians living in some parts of Ukraine, to rebel against the current government in Ukraine.

Russia effectively created a small civil war in Ukraine.

However, there were insufficient combatants that wanted to fight the Ukrainian government, and Russia then sent Russian Z troops into Ukraine to assist the minority to fight the majority, to enable the minority to take control in Ukraine.

The main invasion of Russian troops into Ukraine happened in February 2022, when those troops invaded from both Russia and Belarus.

Initially, Russian forces captured key areas to the north and west of Kyiv, leading to international prediction of the city’s imminent fall. However, stiff Ukrainian resistance sapped Russian momentum. Poor Russian logistics and tactical decisions helped the defenders to thwart efforts at encirclement, and, after a month of protracted fighting, Ukrainian forces began counter attacking.

In early April, the Ukrainian authorities declared that Kyiv and the surrounding Kyiv Oblast were again under Ukrainian control.

Battle of Kyiv 2022.

The attack on Kyiv, the capital city of Ukraine had been repulsed, and Russia then resorted to missile attacks on this residential city instead.

What are “Russian Z troops”.

These are the Russian military that invaded Ukraine in 2022, and have the letter Z, maybe to represent naZi, on their equipment and uniforms.

What did the Nazis do? They invaded other countries, slaughtering many.

The earlier Russian invasion of Ukraine, between 2014 and 2022, caused the deaths of about 14,000 in Ukraine, many being civilians.

Russia has blamed Ukraine for these deaths, which would not have happened if Ukraine just surrendered.

The subsequent Russian invasion “Special Military Operation” into Ukraine in February 2022, has caused even more civilian deaths, with millions being made homeless.

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