Pope Francis says divorce is sometimes ‘Morally Necessary’

Did Pope Francis really say “divorce is sometimes Morally Necessary”..

Why the question?

Some recent Headlines…

Pope Francis says divorce is sometimes ‘morally necessary’ AOL Jun 25th 2015

Pope Francis: Divorce Is Sometimes ‘Morally Necessary’ To Protect Children inquisitr.com 28 June 2015

Pope Francis says divorce is sometimes ‘Morally Necessary’ USA Today 29 June 2015

But what where his EXACT words ?

One of those reports itself has these words: “Pope Francis seemed to justify divorce when he said that it is sometimes “morally necessary” to protect the children of the families that go through it.

So, according to that, he actually said:

Protecting the children in families that get divorced is “morally necessary”

I wonder what his EXACT words, and meaning, were.

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