Mylanta 2go Dual Action Tablets

What happened to the Mylanta 2go Dual Action Tablets?..

Does anyone know why these tablets, Mylanta 2go Dual Action, appear to be no longer available?

Mylanta 2go Dual Action TabletsMylanta Dual Action contains antacids which rapidly neutralise excess stomach acid, as well as an alginate which forms a protective layer on top of the stomach contents.
This prevents acid rising into the oesophagus and provides long lasting relief.

The last price I saw was shown as $7.95 for a packet of 50. (15.9cents each)

The current products shown as available on the MYLANTA website are:

Mylanta2Go Double Strength Chewable Tablets

Mylanta 2go Double Strength tablets 48

Mylanta2Go Double Strength Chewable Tablets.

Priced at 30th December 2014: A$8.99 for 48 tablets (18.7cents each)

Mylanta2Go Original Chewable Tablets

Mylanta 2go Original Tablets 48

Mylanta2Go Original Chewable Tablets.

Priced at 30th December 2014: A$6.99 for 48 tablets (14.6 cents each)

Mylanta2Go Ranitidine 12hr Tablets

Mylanta Ranitidine 12hr Tablets

Mylanta2Go Ranitidine 12hr Tablets

Priced at 30th December 2014: A$10.45 for 28 tablets (37.3 cents each) or A$7.65 for 14 tablets. (54.6 cents each)

Each film-coated tablet contains 150mg ranitidine as ranitidine hydrochloride.

Mylanta2Go Ranitidine 24hr Tablets

Mylanta Ranitidine 24hr Tablets

Mylanta2Go Ranitidine 24hr Tablets

Priced at 30th December 2014: A$12.64 for 14 tablets (90.3 cents each)

Each film-coated tablet contains 300mg ranitidine as ranitidine hydrochloride.

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