The Hidden Secret Behind Toothpaste Bottom Color

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The Secret Behind the Coloured mark at the bottom of Toothpaste Tubes..

The coloured bar at the bottom of a toothpaste tube is a special mark that tells the computer controlled production equipment to cut the tube at a certain point.

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This can be confirmed by visiting the Color Mark and Registration Detection page at Banner Engineering

The following are examples of other comments/variations on these toothpaste tube marks;

Pay attention when buying toothpaste, at the bottom of the toothpaste tube there is a color bar. And do you only know the original meaning of the color bar!
Try to choose green and blue, there are four kinds:
Green: natural;
Blue : Natural + Medicine;
Red : Natural + Chemical composition;
Black : pure chemical.
Toothpaste tube marks
Did you know squares on tubes means something ….
Green : All naturals
Red : some natural ,but most chemicals
Black : Only chemicals

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