Long Range Attack Missiles for Ukraine.

US to supply GLSDB Attack Missiles to Ukraine.

Ukrainian officials have been pleading for months for direct American assistance for Ukraine to go on the offensive, including the targeting of Crimea.

The United States has been stalling this for months, preferring to supply defensive weapons only.

However, it is now expected that the US will soon agree to this request, and is likely to announce the supply of long-range strike weapons (GLSDB) with a range of around 150 km, to Ukraine.

This ground-launched Small Diameter Bomb combines a 129 kg aircraft bomb with a GPS seeker, wings, and a rocket motor. It will allow the Ukrainian military to attack high-value Russian sites beyond the range of current munitions.


The GLSDB (Ground-Launched Small Diameter Bomb) is a new generation of precision-guided ammunition that can be launched from artillery systems such as the M142 HIMARS or the M270 MLRS (Multiple Launch Rocket System).

The bomb can reach a target at a range of 150 km with an accuracy of 1 metre.

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