Is Ukraine Encircling Bakhmut?

21 May 2023, Bakhmut.

According to a report from Reuters, Ukraine said on 21st May 2023, that its forces were still advancing around the edges of Bakhmut, aiming to encircle the ruined eastern city after Moscow congratulated the Wagner private army and Russian troops for capturing it.

The day before, on 20 May 2023, Russia had said that they have finally liberated the Ukrainian city of Bakhmut, from the Ukrainian forces.

Russia went into Ukraine to “Protect” the people, with Vladimir Putin saying that Russia began the invasion claiming that Russia’s neighbour, Ukraine, needed to be “demilitarised and de-Nazified”.

Putin believes that Ukraine is not a legitimate country and that Russians and Ukrainians are one people, and should all be ruled by Putin.

This image shows the result of Putin’s invasion, for the people of Bakhmut, now an evacuated and destroyed city.

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