Is the UK still part of Europe

Is the UK still part of Europe?

Yes, the UK is still part of Europe, in the same way that other countries in Europe are part of Europe, even though not members of the European Union.

27 of the 44 countries of Europe are in the EU, 17 are not.

How many countries are in Europe?

According to the United Nations, there are 44 countries in Europe.

How many countries are in the European Union (EU)?

The European Union (EU) is an economic and political union of 27 countries. That is slightly more than half of Europe.

38.6% of European countries are not in the EU.

How many people live in Europe?

The current population of Europe is just over 748 million as at June 2021, based on the latest United Nations figures.

How many people live in the European Union?

The EU has 446 million inhabitants according to

302 million Europeans (40%) do not live in the EU.

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