William and Kate will lose the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge titles.

Will Prince William and Kate lose the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge titles?

Some media reports have headlines about Kate losing the title of Duchess of Cambridge, but there is a simple and logical reason for this.

When will William and Kate lose the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge titles?

The answer is simple: “When they become King and Queen….”

Quite logical really…

Other changes are..

When Prince Charles becomes King, Prince William will automatically become Duke of Cornwall in England, and Duke of Rothesay in Scotland, in addition to retaining the Duke of Cambridge title.

It is also expected that the title of Prince of Wales will be given to William, by Charles at some stage after Charles becomes King.

Charles was given the title of Prince of Wales, by his mother Queen Elizabeth II on 26 July 1958, at the age of 10, although the official investiture at Caernarvon Castle was not until 1 July 1969, about 4 months before reaching the age of 21.

Present and Future?  Prince of Wales.

Prince Charles was born on 14 Nov 1948.
Prince William was born on 21 June 1982.
Prince George was born on 22 July 2013.

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