Bar Keepers Friend vs Ajax Cleanser

Bar Keepers Friend vs Ajax Cleanser: Which One Cleans Better?

I saw some advertising for Bar Keepers Friend recently and wondered if it was similar to Ajax Cleanser.

One affiliate website said that Bar Keepers Friend was much better, as it didn’t have Bleach in the product.  Another website had many commenters saying that they had tried Bar Keepers Friend, but would go back to their previous cleanser.  But they preferred Bon Ami. Not sure how that compares to Ajax Cleanser.  I grew up with Ajax, so I may be biased.

Are these products disinfectants?

  • BKF is not a disinfectant. (
  • Ajax Powder Cleanser is a Household Grade Disinfectant (in some variants) (
  • Bon Ami cleaning products are not antimicrobial since they don’t kill viruses, bacteria, or mold (Mould) spores on contact. (

Ajax Powder Disinfectant

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