How to set up Bluetooth Phone to Hyundai i20

How do we connect a Bluetooth phone in a Hyundai i20 car..

This is the info from Hyundai (using Vehicle i10 2010+):

The Hyundai i20 has integrated Bluetooth® technology through the audio system which acts as a hands-free device for your mobile phone, enabling you to stream music directly from your Bluetooth® compatible mobile phone or media device.


Press “Setup”
Press “Phone”
Press Pair.


Go to Home Screen
Select “Settings”
Select “Bluetooth”& turn ON.
Select “Search for new devices”
Select “i40” from the scan results
Enter PIN 0000 and press “OK”
Accept request to download phonebook

NOTE: During pairing please use the PIN code which is displayed on the vehicle system screen.

My version:

Turn on the cars radio system
Activate Bluetooth on your phone
Press Set up on the Car Radio
Scroll to select Bluetooth using the radio tuning button
Select “Create pair”
Enter Security Code “0000” unless otherwise specified

How to DELETE a phone from the Cars Bluetooth

Press “Setup”
Press “Phone”
Select “Device List”
Select the name of the phone you want to unpair
Select “Delete”

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my hyundia 120 ,year 2013 my samsung j3 does not stay connected to the bluetooth in the car .
is it the phone or does the bluetooth in the car require up grading t/u

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