How to make your iPhone battery last longer.

iPhone Battery saver options:

An article at ZDNet has some great advice.

These are the headings, just read the article for the full information.

Turn off AirDrop except when needed (iOS 7)

Limit dormant apps from using your battery power in the background

Disable auto app updates, and just do it manually

Allow updates when you’re on Wi-Fi only by deselecting Use Cellular Data at the same time.

Block some callers from contacting you

Prevent your iPhone from ‘learning’ your frequent locations

Turn off ‘parallax’ motion user interface

Stop Siri from always waiting for you and listening ALL the time, just in case you speak, and consuming your battery. Press home when you need to wake up Siri.

Prevent Spotlight Search from indexing unnecessary files

Tame your notifications (and your backlit display)

Turn off auto-brightness; adjust manually

Don’t use moving ‘dynamic’ wallpapers

Disable location-related system services

Switch from ‘push’ to ‘fetch’ email

Enable Wi-Fi while you’re at work or home

Switch off Wi-Fi, Bluetooth when you’re out and about

Disable 4G (and LTE) connectivity

Reduce auto-lock period to switch off backlight

Disable unnecessary vibrations

Regularly close unused or dormant apps

Check for iOS updates regularly for unfixable bugs

Be aware of where you put your iPhone

Adjust human behavior: don’t check your phone as much!

Cheat! Buy an external battery

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thanks for sharing this important information, I will try it at home and hope it works
at least I will not have to charge it so often, and run out of battery when I need to make calls, thanks for this tips

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