Donald Trump and Muslims

Some quotes from Donald Trump about Muslims during Presidential Campaign..

‘I have great respect for Muslims,’ he said, ‘I have many friends that are Muslims. I’m just saying that there is something with a radicalized portion that is very, very bad and very dangerous. I would say this, to the Muslims, when they see trouble, they have to report it, they’re not reporting it, they’re absolutely not reporting it and that’s a big problem.’

Donald Trump told Piers Morgan that he wants law-abiding Muslims to root out the extremists in their midst, expressing his bafflement and anger that someone like Abdeslam was able to hide for so long in the very part of Brussels he had previously lived.

Donald Trump wants a short-term ban on Muslims entering the U.S. until, as he puts it, ‘we figure out what the hell is going on?’

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I have to totally agree with Donald Trump on this one. Obama is purposefully letting them in America to literally destroy America. In fact they ship them in right in the middle of the night at two and three in the morning. Against the will of our people. Trump promised to get them out if he is elected but that is going to be a major problem. We all know and see what is happening all across Europe. Sweden is now officially the rape capital of the world thanks to the Muslim psyop. Anyhow the future looks real “interesting” to say the least……..

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