Vanuatu Cost of Living 2016

What is the Cost of Living like in Vanuatu?..

For the majority of the population, maybe 75% from what locals say, the cost of living is very low. They grow their own food as they have no income.

For tourists to the country though, the costs can be quite high.

The supermarket receipt shown on this page has the following costs:

240vt Sliced White Bread ($3.00)
395vt 12 eggs 55gm size ($4.94)
190vt 250gm margarine ($2.38)
850vt 1kg Silverside beef ($10.63)
195vt 1kg potatoes ($2.44)
350vt 6 litres water ($4.38)
45vt instant noodles ($0.56)

Conversion rate at March 2016 is 80vt to 1 Australian Dollar

Prices at resorts are normally much higher with these examples of prices.

150vt 600ml bottle water ($1.88)
250vt 330ml can of coke ($3.13)
650vt 355ml Corona beer ($8.13)
450vt 330ml Tusker local beer ($5.63)
300vt 50gm Cadbury Dairy Milk bar ($3.75)
1595vt 11inch Pizza ($19.94)
1100vt Burger and chips ($13.75)
650vt Two eggs on toast ($8.13)
500vt Cheese and Salad roll ($6.25)
1200vt Fish and Chips with salad ($15.00)

Vanuatu Shopping List

162.1 - 829,442
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