Belgium has a New King. July 2013

King Philippe of Belgium, at the age of 53, is the countries new King, following the abdication of his father Albert II at the age of 79.
Philippe was sworn in as King on 21st July 2013.
The oath was taken in Dutch, French and German, the country’s three official languages.

Belgian King Philippe


Philippe Léopold Louis Marie was born on the 15th April 1960 and is the eldest child of King Albert II and Queen Paola Ruffo di Calabria (20th January 1973).

He has four children with his wife, Countess Mathilde d’Udekem d’Acoz.

  • 2001 October 25th. Princess Elisabeth Thérèse Marie Hélène
  • 2003 August 20th. Prince Gabriel Baudouin Charles Marie
  • 2005 October 4th. Prince Emmanuel Léopold Guillaume François Marie
  • 2008 April 16th. Princess Eléonore Fabiola Victoria Anne Marie

The Belgium royal family is a part of the House of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha. This was the same as the British Royal family from 1840 until 1917, when it was renamed Windsor, to break away from the German link, due to the war with Germany at the time.

Previous Belgium Royal heads have been:

1831  to 1865 Leopold I
1865 to 1909 Leopold II
1909 to 1934 Albert I
1934 to 1951 Leopold III
1951 to 1993 Baudouin
1993 to 2013 Albert II

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