Are the electricity comparison sites legit?

I’ve seen lots of companies that claim to save me money on electricity and gas, after a little research i found Go Switch, energy watch, shopa round and a heap of others. My question is, do any of these sites really offer independent deals out of the goodness of their heart, or are they getting a kick back, in which case, couldn’t i get a better deal going direct.

I want to compare electricity suppliers and find the cheapest supplier. Ideas?

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Some of the Electricity providers pay a commission or referral fee to these Comparison Websites.
For example:

Switchwise is entitled to receive a commission when a customer successfully switches supplier using our website or call centre. This commission is paid to Switchwise by the new supplier and is NOT passed on to you, the customer.

GoSwitch may receive a fee from some of the energy providers that the User determines to switch to through the Site.

Energy Watch
Energy Watch receives payment of commissions from participating electricity retailers in order to provide the services provided by Energy Watch on the Website.

ShopAround receives a commission from your new supplier.

Make it Cheaper
Make it Cheaper receives a commission from each supplier that we help a customer switch to.

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