Adware: How To Remove Text Enhance adware

Text Enhance (Text-Enhance) is a form of flash adware (categorized as a browser hijacker) which attaches to internet browsers as an extension and cookie without user consent.

It might appear like this on a web page, as happened on my own sites today.

The advert appears when hovering over a word that has been underlined by the adware hijacker

Text Enhance Adware

However, it wasn’t something on my site after all, it was on my own computer. I checked my sites from another computer, and this text-enhance advertising did not appear on my site on that one.

I did locate this option, but it didn’t seem to work, at least not yet, maybe it takes time ?
Opt out:

I found another way, in the Google Chrome Browser
Select Extensions
the remove the “Text Enhance” plugin from the list of extensions

However, I didn’t have it there but:

I had recently added an extension called Vid-Saver which allows you to download your favorite streaming videos!
So I disabled that and…….


Text-Enhance has gone…

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