2019 UK Election Scotland

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2019 UK General Election Vote share: Scotland..

Scotland holds 59 of the 650 seats in the United Kingdom.

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Scotland has 4,053,140 registered voters of which 68.1% chose, or were able, to vote.

The Scottish National Party (SNP) took 45% of the Scottish votes in the 2019 UK General Election, which gave them 81.3% of the Scottish seats.

Each parties share of the Scottish population vote was:

  • SNP Scottish National Party 45.0%
  • CON Conservative 25.1%
  • LAB Labour 18.6%
  • LD Liberal Democrat 9.5%
  • GRN Green 1.0%
  • BRX The Brexit Party 0.5%

Each parties share of the Scottish seats in the UK Parliament, was:

  • 48 seats SNP. 81.3% of the seats with just 45% of the vote.
  • 6 seats CON. 10.2% of the seats with 25.1% of the vote.
  • 4 seats LD. 6.8% of the seats with 9.5% of the vote.
  • 1 seat LAB. 1.7% of the seats with 18.6% of the vote.

8.52% of UK Registered voters are in Scotland.
9.1% of UK Parliament seats are held by Scottish MP’s.

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