Lily Allen and Politics

Lily Allen has claimed Racism and Misogyny led to the Tory Victory..

Celebrity Lily Allen claimed the Conservative party win in the 2019 UK general election was down to “deep rooted racism and misogyny” in Britain.

How does she prove that it was a dislike of, or contempt for, or ingrained prejudice against women that caused the Conservative win against the Corbyn led Labour opposition.

misogyny: dislike of, contempt for, or ingrained prejudice against women.

Headlines include:

U.K. Voters Send a Record Number of Women to Parliament

More women MPs have been elected to the House of Commons than in previous years.

Both Conservatives and Labour now have more women MP’s in Parliament than ever before.

The number of women MP’s is now 220, breaking the previous record of 208 set in 2017.

Even Labour heavyweights are blaming Corbyn actions and policies, not racism or misogyny.

Two former Labour home secretaries, Alan Johnson and David Blunkett, led the criticism of Mr Corbyn, with London mayor Sadiq Khan and both successful and defeated candidates also telling him to take responsibility, with Alan Johnson saying: “Corbyn was a disaster on the doorstep“.


  • Lily Allen is an English singer and songwriter who was the subject of many controversies early in her career.  She is also is a staunch supporter of the Labour Party.

LilyAllen Racism and Misogyny

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