2019 Scotland Independence

Did Scotland vote for Independence December 2019..

During the 2019 General Election the SNP candidates explicitly said they would NOT use a vote, for the SNP, as a vote for a second independence referendum.

Therefore the Scottish vote was NOT a demand for another Scottish Independence Referendum.

However, Nicola Sturgeon, the leader of the SNP, has now claimed that the vote for SNP was in fact a vote for another referendum.

She has stated that the 30.6% of the electorate that voted for SNP gives them a mandate for a second independence referendum.

The SNP received votes from 1,242,380 out of the 4,053,140 registered voters in Scotland in the 2019 UK General Election.

  • 30.6% of the registered voters chose to vote SNP, while 60.4% did not.
  • 36.2% (1,468,194) people voted for Conservative, Labour or Liberal Democrat.
  • The remainder chose other parties, or not to vote for anyone.

Does 30.6% beat 36.2% ?

The SNP might think it does..

62.1 - 833,125
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