10 Facts about Russian Invasion of Ukraine in 2014.

The 2014 Russian Invasion of Ukraine.

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Fact 1: Russia planned military aggression against Ukraine in advance.

Fact 2: Russian aggression aimed at destroying Ukraine as an independent state.

Fact 3: Military aggression is just one element of Russian hybrid warfare against Ukraine.

Fact 4: Courage of Ukrainians and solidarity of the international community stopped Russian invasion.

Fact 5: Russian aggression has led to dire humanitarian impacts.

Russian aggression against Ukraine has left about 9940 people killed and up to 23455 wounded (UN data). This number includes, in particular, 298 passengers of MH17 flight, including 80 children, killed as a result of terrorist attack on 17 July 2014, when the Malaysian Airlines plane was shot down by the Russian servicemen from BUK missile system that had been transferred to the occupied territory of Donbas from the Russian Federation.

10 facts Russia - Ukraine 2014

Fact 6: Russia violates the Minsk agreements on a regular basis.

Fact 7: By launching military aggression against Ukraine, Russia violated fundamental norms and principles of international law, bilateral and multilateral agreements.

Fact 8: Constant inflow of Russian troops and weaponry is the main obstacle to peace in Donbas.

Fact 9: Military aggression and hybrid warfare is Russia’s standard practice.

Fact 10: Russian aggression can be stopped only by stepping up pressure on the Kremlin.

Read more about these 10 facts you should know about the Russian military aggression against Ukraine.


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