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EU Citizens in UK and Guarantees for Future after Brexit

Should the UK Guarantee EU Citizen rights to stay in UK even though the EU can’t do so yet.

Sir Edward Leigh said: “It seems to me we might as well acknowledge this fact now whilst reserving the right – if in the extremely unlikely possibility of our EU partners deporting any UK citizens – which they won’t for the same practical reasons – we can change our minds, but let’s at least reassure these people now.”

Brexit Vote: The Reasons

Why did the British People Vote Leave or Remain in the Brexit Referendum?

Top 3 Brexit LEAVE Reasons
49% “the principle that decisions about the UK should be taken in the UK”…..
Top 3 Brexit REMAIN Reasons
43% “the risks of voting to leave the EU looked too great when it came to things like the economy, jobs and prices”…..

The British Pound After Brexit

The value of the British Pound (GBP) After Brexit.
Holidays to Mexico seem like a great opportunity at the moment, for those looking for overseas travel. Only an extra 1.75% increase in costs due to the FX rate.
Holidays to Australia don’t look as good as they were, with a 14.37% increase in costs due to the FX rate.

United States of Europe

Is the United States of Europe actually Real? In September 2015 Germany, France, Italy and Luxembourg signed a document calling for the creation of a “general union of states”, effectively the “United States of Europe”. This was reported at www.express.co.uk in April 2015. Chris Grayling, leader of the Commons, said: “We have to decide whether we …

British Trading with EU Partners

Imports and Exports between the UK and European Union EU Imports and Exports in April 2016 EU Imports for April 2016 were £19.1 billion. EU Exports for April 2016 were £12.0 billion. with imports exceeding exports by £7.1 billion to EU partners. ALL Imports and Exports in April 2016 Total Imports (EU and Non-EU) were …

Immigrants Who Voted to Leave Europe

About 30% of Asian or Black or Muslim voters voted to Leave Europe A BBC article quotes the following: 67% of those describing themselves as Asian voted to remain 73% of those describing themselves as black voted to remain This appears to say the following: 33% of those describing themselves as Asian voted to LEAVE. 27% …

Brexit: Voting Reasons

The Main Reasons for the Remain or Leave Votes. In a ComRes poll after the Vote: Main Reason for their vote: Leave Voters main Reason for their vote: 53% Ability of Britain to make its own laws. (Compared to just 2% of Remain Voters) 34% Immigration 3% NHS Remain Voters main Reason for their vote: …

Leave Voters were Idiots

Remain campaign treated Leave Voters like idiots How many people voted Leave based on the way the Remain side treated the general Leave swaying side? I know some that did, even though they were unsure. But they were pushed over to Leave by the Remain tactics. Voters considering backing leaving the EU were treated like …

FREXIT: French Exit from European Union

A Possible Exit from the EU from France? Marine Le Pen, the head of France’s National Front, has said that she would hold a referendum on the country’s membership in the E.U. within six months of attaining power. The French Party ‘Front National‘ gained the highest number of votes in the December 2015 French Elections, …