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WP Mobile Edition Theme for Mobile Sites..

Since the Google change to need mobile websites to conform, there has been a lot of activity on Mobile Themes.

For now, I have chosen to use “WP Mobile Edition”, and try to work out the best options for its use.

Adsense on WP Mobile Edition

This was confusing at first, and still is, in some ways. I use a plugin to place adverts in each post, but I noticed that WP Mobile Edition ignored those and the adverts never appeared. I use the option in the WP-Insert to stop those adverts appearing in mobile sites.

I then use the option in the WP Mobile Edition theme plugin to add adverts at the top and bottom.

Go to “wp-admin/admin.php?page=wp-mobile-edition-wp-mobile-theme” and then at the bottom of the “Theme Settings” section of the page you will see the section for adverts.

WP Mobile Edition - Theme Settings

They suggest advert sizes of 298x70px or below. But I use the responsive size adverts.

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