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List category posts..

A very interesting and useful addition for WordPress is the “List category posts” plugin.

This is able to select only the post that confirm to certain criteria, and show them, using code such as this, on the relevant page.

catlist id=1 orderby=title order=asc excerpt=no numberposts=-1 Date=no

all enclosed in a single set of square brackets [ ].

Using tags as a selection criteria, the code may become something like this:

catlist id=52 orderby=title order=asc numberposts=-1 Tags=victoria-point Date=yes

all enclosed in a single set of square brackets [ ].

The tag in question above is actually “Victoria Point”, but the tag is recognised without the space, but with a replacement hyphen instead.

The following are a selection of useful posts on the WordPress Website regarding the use of this plugin.

212.1 - 833,315

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