Where to buy Vacuum Cleaners in Australia

Godfreys is one of Australia’s leading retailers of vacuum cleaners.

Their website is: http://www.godfreys.com.au

They often advertise Free Steam Mops with a vacuum cleaner sale.

They have answers for the following questions:

  • My vacuum cleaner seems to have lost suction. What can I do about this?
  • Does my vacuum cleaner need to be serviced?
  • Can I use any type of paper or plastic bag in my vacuum cleaner?
  • Can my vacuum cleaner pick up water?
  • Can I use my vacuum cleaner to clean the fireplace?
  • Are bagless vacuum cleaners better than bag vacuum cleaners?
  • I have a sore back. Is an upright vacuum cleaner better for me to clean my carpet?
  • Should I use my home vacuum cleaner at work – office or shop?
  • My vacuum cleaner has a musty smell. How can I get rid of this?
  • My upright vacuum cleaner (or powerbrush) sounds like it is working but isn’t picking up properly. What could be wrong?
  • The motor on my vacuum cleaner sounds noisy. Should I get it serviced?
  • When should I change my vacuum cleaner bag?
  • When should I change filters?
  • We are doing a renovation, can I use my vacuum cleaner to pick up plaster/cement dust?
  • How do I find the right replacement paper bag for my vacuum cleaner?

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The attachment for cleaning fireplaces mentioned above can be purchased from http://www.vacuumspot.com.au they are $69.

I would like to buy a vacuum cleaner for my fireplace. Is there one on the Australian market.
Thank you for your information.
Yours kindly,
Eva P

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