What started the London – British riots August 2011

Many reports on the Rioting in London in August 2011 are not giving much detail about the cause of the rioting other than briefly stating it was the result of the shooting of an individual in London, by the Police.

What I have found so far is:

On the 4th August 2011 Mark Duggan was shot dead by officers of the London Metropolitan Police Service, one of whom was also shot at himself, with a bullet lodging in his radio, presumably fired by Mark Duggan.

Mark Duggan died from a single bullet wound to the chest.

The Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) has stated that it believes that only two shots were fired by police, and that an illegal handgun was recovered from the scene

Friends and relatives of Mark Duggan had organised a march in Tottenham, on the 6th August to demand justice, which involved about 200 people and this march subsequently turned into rioting behaviour.

Who was Mark Duggan ?

According to the Daily Mail, he was also known as “Starrish Mark”, a crack cocaine dealer who was often armed with a handgun. It is also stated that he was a senior member of the Star Gang, a group known for violence and drug-dealing in Tottenham, London.

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