Hitachi 5K250-80 Hard Drive

I’ve just pulled a faulty Hard Drive out of a notebook computer, it is a Hitachi SATA Hard Drive, model 5K250-80.

The testing program gave it some major faults, I can see now why the notebook was given away free.

Looking up the price for a replacement for this 80Gb 5400rpm SATA drive, and I saw one on ebay for a used 80GB Hitachi Travelstar 4200rpm laptop drive for A$45.00, and another, but this time the same as the original one at 5400rpm. This has a current bid of $5. May be worth trying for it.

Must remember to check that the one I get is the right fitting IDE, SATA etc. It isn’t something I recall to well.

Just noticed the Data transfer rates for this model:

(buffer to/from media) (Mbps): 530
(Gbit/sec): 1.5/ 3.0

That probably means something to some people, I suppose it would to me if I had something to compare it to.

Something I did also just see, was the warranty:

  • Manufacturer Warranty:  3 years.
This one was made in Feb 2008, so just out of warranty, typical !!

Trying to find a replacement isn’t easy, about A$67.60 is the best shop price, but even then they say: “out of stock”.

204.1 - 819,206
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