What is this: %e2%80%8e

I just saw something on my website that has confused me.  One of my post links has this added to it at the front: “%e2%80%8e”, and I can’t work out why.

This is the link: https://www.abcdiamond.com/%e2%80%8eplanking-in-latin-means

but it should be: https://www.abcdiamond.com/planking-in-latin-means


I have edited the post and this is the Permalink: https://www.abcdiamond.com/‎planking-in-latin-means ‎(copied and pasted from the edit page)  But this is what appears in the new page bar when I click it.

‎Planking in Latin means

I have checked on the browsers, and these are the results:

I am very confused.

757.1 - 810,975
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e2 80 8e is the UTF-8 code for the invisible left-to-right mark, see

It may come from a copy-paste operation out of a Windows 7 explorer “Properties” dialog. For example, each word in the “Created”, “Modified” and “Accessed” fields is preceded by such a mark; in the English Windows 7 version, that is.

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