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If you have a website that you wish to be available to the public, you need a “Web Host”, somewhere that your pages can be located 24 hours a day, and made available via the Internet to everyone in the world.

I have used a few FREE web hosts, especially when I first began, then I used an expensive web host, and received excellent service, but now I use a budget priced web host, and get exactly what I need: A reliable service with a low cost.

I will begin with the one I am now using:

However, I do see some good reports from HostMetro, and some special pricing for the three year contract.

Now for the other options that are available:

Free Web Hosting options

Most FREE web hosts will include some advertising on your space, so that they do actually get paid something by someone, although not by you.

Some examples are:

  • x10hosting.com
  • mozy.com
  • freespace.com.au
  • hosthelpers.com
  • heliohost.org

Paid Web Hosting Options

59.1 - 820,444
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