Ukraine Independence Referendum 1991.

Ukraine voted for Independence in 1991.

The question asked was: “Do you support the Act of Declaration of Independence of Ukraine?

92.26% of those choosing to vote, voted “Yes”, to independence from the Soviet Union, on 1 December 1991.

That amounted to 90.3% of eligible voters who chose Yes to independence.

The number of ethnic Russians in Ukraine wanting independence from Russia was not as high, although a majority of 55% of them did vote for independence.

84.18% of the eligible Ukrainian population turned out to vote, with 28,804,071 voting Yes, and 2,417,554 voting No.

The results for each region in Ukraine are shown in the table below. Every region had more than 50% that chose independence from the Soviet Union, including Crimea.

1991 Ukraine Referendum Result

51.1 - 830,221
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