Ukraine Grain Exports

Russia tries to cripple Ukraine Grain Exports.

Ukraine is one of the largest grain exporters in the world; its grain feeds approximately 400 million people worldwide.

Russia has sought to cripple Ukraine’s grain export capacity in recent weeks by flying drone attacks on Ukraine’s Black Sea ports and its two Danube river ports, Remi and Izmail.

On 2 August 2023, Moscow dealt a devastating blow to global food supplies when Russian drones attacked Ukraine’s Izmail port along the Danube River. Nearly 40,000 metric tons of grain earmarked for Africa, China, and Israel were damaged.

During the 10 months of the Black Sea Grain initiative, between August 2022 and May 2023, Ukraine has exported over 30 million tons of grain and other foodstuffs. This would have taken over 1,000 ships to transport that volume of freight.

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An example of a new export terminal at Izmail, 360km away on the Danube.

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