The Spitfire

Supermarine SpitfireThe Supermarine Spitfire

A British fighter aircraft during World War 2, most commonly a single-seater, but some models were 2 seaters, in line.

About 22,000 Spitfires were manufactured in total, with various versions serving with many countries worldwide.

The Mark I Spitfire, powered by a Rolls Royce Merlin III engine gave a maximum speed of 367 mph.  About 1,500 Mark 1’s were manufactured

About 920 Mark II’s were produced, using the more powerful MERLIN XII engine with a speed of 377mph.  By April 1941 all RAF front line Spitfires were the Mark II model.

The Mark 14 had a speed of 448 mph, using the Rolls Royce Griffon 65 engine, and could climb to 44,500 ft. From 1943, 957 of this version were produced.

The Mark 19 was the last Spitfire for war service, entering service in May 1944, with a total of 225 being built and production ceasing in early 1946.

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by Peter Caygill
(Combat Legends S.)

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