Sugar in our Diet

Reading about the effect that Sugar has on our bodies, made me wonder just how much sugar I do take in every day. Well, it wasn’t just the reading about it, but more the discussion that I had with my wife about it, and her comment that I should maybe take note of the amount of sugar that I do ingest.

I only have 2 cups of coffee each day with 2 spoons of sugar each cup, so about 30 grams per day…

Pure Sugar

5 gms =  Teaspoon level
8 gms = Teaspoon slightly heaped

So what else do I eat, that has sugar, and how much ?

Ice Cream

Ice Cream on a Stick

13.2 gms = Milk Ice confection, the Woolworths homebrand one.
14.6 gms = Nestle Peters Choc Wedge Violet Crumble.

Ice Cream in a Tub

21.7 gms per 100 gms = Nestle Vanilla Original
24.7 gms per 100 gms = ALDI Vanilla (but quoted at 14.3 by Choice)
16.1 gms per 100 gms = Woolworths Vanilla

My average serve is about 165 gms, so my intake is about 40 grams per serve or about 8 level teaspoons of sugar, using the ALDI one, which I prefer to the Woolworths one, even though the Woolworths Homebrand is the most popular of all, according to Choice.


50 gms per 100 gms = Dairy Fine Milk Chocolate (that’s about 2 gms of sugar (half a teaspoon) per small square of chocolate)
46.8 gms per 100 gms = Moser Roth Dark Chocolate – Mint

I just ate 6 squares of chocolate from the fridge while checking this, so that’s another 2 teaspoons of sugar. !!


less than 1 grm per 100 gms in all the Cheeses that I eat.


1 gram per 2 slices of standard white bread

Choice Test Review Results:

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