Television Screen Sizes: Inches and Centimetres

I was looking at Televisions today, as I may need to buy a new one for the bedroom.

We currently have a 55cm old style one.  I was brought up using the imperial measurement system, then switched to metric when I moved to Australia, and to be absolutely honest, I am now getting confused by it all.  Maybe it is my age 🙂

Anyway, back to the point, the website that I began to look at for TV’s showed me these ones: 16″, 19″, 22″, 24″,  etc, and I began to wonder what size do I want, in centimetres?

I did the following calculation for all the options

16″ = 41cm
19″ = 48cm
22″ = 56cm
24″ = 61cm
26″ = 66cm
32″ = 81cm
40″ = 102cm
42″ = 107cm
46″ = 117cm
55″ = 140cm

But then, I sometimes wonder why my brain takes a while to get into gear in the mornings. As there are 2.54 centimetres to the inch, it was quite easy to work it out really, and what I should have done was this:

55cm divide by 2 = about 27,
Then take 10% of that answer (ie 2.7 but call it 3) by 2 = 6
Take that away from the first answer (ie 27-6 = 21).
Then find a TV about 21″ in the imperial measurement.

So I will opt for the 22″ model, which is actually 56cm.

419.1 - 810,415
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