Solo Sailing: World, Pacific Ocean, Atlantic Ocean

Sailing around the world Solo !!..

Rowing across the Pacific ?

Sonya Baumstein hopes to become the first woman to successfully row across the Pacific solo. The 30 year old American left Choshi, Japan on Sunday 7th June 2015 with the aim to row solo across the Pacific Ocean to San Francisco, United States.
It will be about a 5,200 nautical miles journey and is estimated to take between four to six months.

Youngest Person to Circumnavigate the Globe single-handed, with Stops.

Westerly, via Panama Canal and Cape of Good Hope. Solo, with stops and assistance.

Laura Dekker, born on 20th September 1995, became the youngest person to circumnavigate the globe single-handed, on 21st January 2012. She successfully completed the solo circumnavigation in an 11.5-metre (38 ft) two-masted ketch, arriving in Simpson Bay, Sint Maarten, on 21 January 2012.
Laura Dekker was born in New Zealand, and also holds Dutch and German citizenship.

Youngest Person to Circumnavigate the Globe single-handed, without Stops.

Easterly, via Great capes. Solo, non-stop, and unassisted.

Jessica Watson, born 18 May 1993, completed a southern hemisphere solo circumnavigation on the 15th May 2010, at the age of 16. She departed from Sydney, Australia on 18th October 2009, crossing the Pacific Ocean, and then the Atlantic and Indian Oceans, returning to Sydney on 15th May 2010, three days before her 17th birthday.
Jessica was born in Australia and holds both Australian and New Zealand citizenship.
Her book True Spirit gives the full account of her journey.

On May 15, 2010, after 210 days at sea and more than 22,000 nautical miles, 16-year-old Jessica Watson sailed her 33-foot boat triumphantly back to land. She had done it. She was the youngest person to sail solo, unassisted, and nonstop around the world.

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