Russian Politician says Ukraine is gaining ground, Sept 2023.

Russian Politician reveals his truthful opinion.

Andrey Gurulyov, a Russian Parliament member in Russian President Vladimir Putin’s United Russia party, and former deputy commander of the Southern Military District posted a message on Telegram in September 2023.

The message appears not to have been censored or approved, and included the following:

  • Gurulyov acknowledged that Ukraine’s troops are gaining ground on the battlefield.
  • Gurulyov confirmed that Ukraine has adapted to clear minefields and employ counter-drone attacks.
  • Ukraine’s troops have a lot of ammunition and are trying to burn out absolutely everything.
  • Ukrainians have switched to squeeze-out tactics and are inflicting damage on the stronger points of our units.
  • The Ukrainian situation forces our troops to retreat deeper.
  • In late August and early September, Kyiv’s forces managed to make major breakthroughs in the southern Zaporizhzhia area with the goal of striking a line all the way down to the Sea of Azov, splitting Russian occupied land in half.
  • Ukraine has learned to clear Russia’s dense minefields.
  • Ukraine “have a lot of drones” that they use effectively both in counter-drone combat at the front line and deeper in Russian territory.
  • Ukraine is having success deterring the attack helicopters that had stymied its early advance.
  • Ukraine has created conditions making it impossible to use anti-tank missiles by our helicopters.
  • Gurulyov has previously shared a Russian general’s account that his troops were losing ground in artillery battles, and suggested that Ukraine’s advances, and the reasons for them, may not be getting reported up the chain of command.
  • Gurulyov has also raised concerns about the mass Russian casualties, after which he appears to have been dismissed.

Source: Russian General says Ukraine is gaining ground September 2023.

More about Andrey Gurulyov.

Andrey Viktorovich Gurulyov is a deputy of the 8th State Duma for the United Russia faction, and a former deputy Commander of the Southern Military District of the Russian military.

On 30 August 2022, Gurulyov encouraged Putin’s regime to launch missile strikes on the British Isles.

In April 2023, he came up with the idea that Putin’s regime should reintroduce the Stalinist terror of the 1930s against the “enemies of the people” inside Russia.

After the Wagner Group rebellion, Gurulyov said: “a bullet to the forehead is the sole salvation for Yevgeny Prigozhin“, the Wagner group leader.  Prigozhin subsequently died in a mysterious plane crash.

Who Killed Prigozhin

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