ATACMS to Ukraine.

The US plans to send ATACMS to Ukraine.

The MGM-140 Army Tactical Missile System is a tactical ballistic missile manufactured by the US defense company Lockheed Martin. It has a range of up to 306 km (190 miles), uses solid propellant, and is 4.0m (13 feet) high and 610 mm (24 inches in diameter.

The ATACMS can be launched from the ground,in all weather, at a point close to the frontline.

U.S. President Joe Biden has informed Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky that Washington will provide Ukraine with ATACMS long-range missiles, This news was reported on Friday, 22 September 2023, confirmed by three U.S. officials and a congressional official.

The United States government has placed an order to produce nearly 2,000 more ATACMS.

The straight-line distance from the center of Moscow to the Russian-Ukrainian border is about 450 km. These ground launched missiles would not be able to reach Moscow, but could easily hit military locations in parts of Western Russia, and of course, Russian military locations inside any part of Ukraine territory.

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