Repair a broken screen on a HTC Trophy Mobile Phone

HTC Trophy Mobile PhoneI am working out how to replace the broken LCD touch screen on my daughters HTC Trophy mobile phone.

When we bought the phone we also took the extra insurance cover for an extra $10 per month. However, although accidental cover is included, we were not fully aware of the $125 excess.

We checked out some prices, but if anyone reading this has experience already, I would be very happy to hear from you.

Local repairers were quoting about $150 to fix this, but I found an option to purchase the touch screen for US$49.99, and a video to show how it is actually done.

Much better than the two quotes that we had at about the $150+ range.

The part is shown for $49.99 at: at August 2011.

The shipping cost to Australia is US$7.99, making a total cost of US$57.98.

Video Instructions on: How To Repair a broken screen on a HTC Trophy Mobile Phone

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